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The difference: Innovative recruitment for over 30 years

For 30 years your experts for personnel consulting, executive search, recruiting, headhunting, outplacement; diagnostics, consulting for medium-sized businesses and much more …

Innovative recruitment for over 30 years

For 30 years we are your experts for personnel consulting, executive search, recruiting, headhunting, outplacement; diagnostics, consulting for medium-sized businesses and much more …

Für Unternehmen - Pape Consulting Group AG

For companies

PAPE has been one of the forerunners and pioneers in the industry for 30 years. If you are looking for personnel, you need to be sure that you will get the best.

Für Talente - Pape Consulting Group AG

For talents

Nothing can be more important than professional satisfaction and an inspiring job. You spend more time at work than in your personal life.

Headhunter of The Year

The award recognized – in 5 categories – the best HR consultancies in Germany and was presented under the patronage of Ilse Aigner, Deputy Prime Minister of the Free State of Bavaria and Bavarian State Minister for Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology, at a gala in the Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich.

We hope that this choice will also convince YOU to choose us as “Your Personnel Consultancy of Trust”. *) Focus Magazine, Wirtschaftswoche, “Headhunter of the Year”, “Hype Award”, Handelsblatt? The WORLD, Excellence Consulting

Whow! Of course, we are honored and delighted by this wealth of awards. We don’t know of any consultancy that has been voted Top Consultancy by renowned media anywhere near as often and in such variety. It is even more important to us that not only jurors, but also our clients and candidates are satisfied with us as the “personnel consultancy they trust”! Please read our Testimonials, Industry competencies and our Customer references

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Trust is the beginning of everything!

Without trust, no company will entrust us with a sensitive personnel search. Building trust is our highest priority. This requires listening well, understanding, and deriving and implementing the right solutions. For more than a quarter of a century, we have conducted personnel searches for more than 1000 companies with a staffing rate of over 95%. This puts us at the top of the statistics in our industry.

„If you want a job done well, hire a professional“
remarked Jean Reno very aptly in the crime thriller „Leon the Professional“. In this sense, we are very much looking forward to working with you!

Some of our clients

HUGO BOSS - Pape Personalberatung
BMW - Pape Personalberatung
KONICA MINOLTA - Pape Personalberatung
KUKA - Pape Personalberatung
1 & 1 - Pape Personalberatung
ALLIANZ - Pape Personalberatung
DELO - Pape Personalberatung
AMADEUS - Pape Personalberatung
JUNGHEINRICH - Pape Personalberatung
TOSHIBA - Pape Personalberatung
ANALOG DEVICES - Pape Personalberatung
MOTOROLA - Pape Personalberatung
KATHREIN - Pape Personalberatung
SIXT - Pape Personalberatung
COMLINE - Pape Personalberatung
HILTI - Pape Personalberatung
ATOSS - Pape Personalberatung
CITRIX - Pape Personalberatung
NXP - Pape Personalberatung
HARTING - Pape Personalberatung
MESSE FRANKFURT - Pape Personalberatung
PUMA - Pape Personalberatung
LSG SKY CHEFS - Pape Personalberatung
BLACKBERRY - Pape Personalberatung
ANTALIS VERPACKUNGEN - Pape Personalberatung
MAGNA - Pape Personalberatung
ESPRIT - Pape Personalberatung
ARIANE GROUP - Pape Personalberatung
SCHUFA - Pape Personalberatung
MKS INSTRUMENTS - Pape Personalberatung
HAUFE-LEXWARE SERVICES - Pape Personalberatung
IDEO - Pape Personalberatung
INFINEON - Pape Personalberatung
JOCHEN SCHWEIZER - Pape Personalberatung
VALMET AUTOMOTIVE - Pape Personalberatung
HITACHI - Pape Personalberatung
ATOTECH - Pape Personalberatung
TYCO - Pape Personalberatung
DORNIER - Pape Personalberatung
AEG POWER SOLUTIONS - Pape Personalberatung
KÄRCHER - Pape Personalberatung
TESA - Pape Personalberatung
VINCI - Pape Personalberatung
DELO - Pape Personalberatung
NTT DATA - Pape Personalberatung
TEORESI - Pape Personalberatung
MULESOFT - Pape Personalberatung
TOKYO ELECTRON - Pape Personalberatung
AOK - Pape Personalberatung
TESA - Pape Personalberatung
KONICA MINOLTA - Pape Personalberatung
HUMBAUR - Pape Personalberatung
KONRADHOF - Pape Personalberatung
EBARA - Pape Personalberatung
AVON - Pape Personalberatung
HABA - Pape Personalberatung
FÄTH - Pape Personalberatung
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What makes the difference to be a top consultant?

„We find the right people!“ Recruiters like to emphasize this as a special skill, but it is folklore. „Finding“ has long ceased to be an art; there are now so many platforms for that. The caliber of a consultant only becomes apparent after finding, whether he or she is able to convince people and build trust. Those approached immediately hang up immediately when a consultant calls who wants to lead a conversation with platitudinous slogans. Or the trainee calls.

Corona has made our job even more complex, because fears and worries prevail. And don’t fall for a database with „800,000 candidates willing to change jobs“ either. That’s nonsensical and not tradable.

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Video/ Podcast: Recruitingfehler - Pape Consulting Group AG

Video/ Podcast: Recruiting mistakes (German)

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Contact us!

Über uns: Firmenvideo - Pape Consulting Group AG

About us: Company video

Meet Our Management Team

Christian Pape

CEO, Top Management Headhunter, Author, Coach
Christian has a University Business Degree in Electronics, is founder and CEO of PAPE. He runs the company, is one of the most popular headhunter in Germany and acts as C-Level-Consultant. He published several bestseller books about recruiting, job & career.

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Günter Reinhold

Board Member
Günter Reinhold has a strong industrial background including several top management positions. Within PAPE he is concentrated on technical assignments.

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Michael Kuchenbuch

Board Member
Following his economics studies, Michael held international specialist and management positions in major companies in the HR, IT and Sales fields for 20 years. As a personnel consultant, he focuses on ICT, publishing and media, HR, sales, consulting and back office positions.

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Your advantages of cooperation

Headhunter - Pape Consulting Group AG

Experteer, GOOGLE, FOCUS, DIE WELT and 1000+ satisfied Clients: Trust what others say about us..

Andersmacher - Pape Consulting Group AG

Most consultancies have short life cycle. Quality and experience are the best recipe for long-term success.

Erfahrung - Pape Consulting Group AG

We are solution providers and industry specialists, as pioneers we have revolutionized our industry with this concept.

Andersmacher - Pape Consulting Group AG

Expertise is important, but how do client and candidate fit together personally and culturally? Achieving the perfect fit is our ultimate goal.

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We Care!

Instead of acting as mere headhunters we have – from our beginnings – acted as a solution hunters. It is due to this business philosophy that we have acquired a reputation of being trendsetter and market leader in our business.

„Many claim to be able to find suitable employees for a company, whether top executives, managers or staff members. Pape Consulting Group has earned a glowing reputation among our clients for being able to do just that. In our industry, there is a prevalence of coming and going, which can be confusing for a client and, unfortunately, the results don’t always match the promises made.

We are looking back at 25 successful years in recruiting, and are proud of our nearly 100% placement rate, with which we have continuously ranked among the industry leaders. Reliability, competence and comittment to excellence, this is what we strive and stand for. This gives our clients the certainty of having made the correct choice. Try us out, we look forward to working with you! And we will also find the most worthwhile assets for your company: the best new employees!“

And finally a „Bonmot“ we like:
„If you want a job done well, hire a Professional“,
remarked Jean Reno in the movie „Leon the Professional“. In this context: We appreciate serving you!

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Das Handelsblatt - Pape Consulting Group AG

The press calls us the “the differently doer”

It is still difficult for companies – even in times when the Corona Virus is changing a lot – to find top-class new employees. Candidates are annoyed with serial emails on social media and business platforms. Discretion, appreciation and genuine career advice do not take place.

Is that the recruiting of the future? Innovation: Yes, but like this: Certainly not. Recruiting is and will remain a “people business” and requires trust and credibility. In this aspect we are „different“ and especially successful with our approaches. Our view applies to both sides: candidate and company. The perfect fit. That is our ultimate goal!

Also Google recommends PAPE

Just google the keyword: “Personalberatung” and you will find us among 5.6 million search results on the first page in the organic top results. Not in the purchased ad area, but Google real.

In addition to the attractiveness of the content and visitor behavior, the Google algorithm also measures popularity, traffic and the so-called „trust links“. These are references from particularly trustworthy sites (media, universities, magazines, companies) that recommend “PAPE” and refer to pape.de.

Auch Google schätzt uns - Pape Consulting Group AG

Our branches

Automotive & Suppliers

Whether BMW, Porsche, Bosch or Nexteer: We are specialists in demand!

Chemistry; electroplating, adhesives

We have been filling management and specialist positions in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry for many years.

Energy and power engineering

We are experts in this challenging environment and find the right employees for you

Finance and insurance

Whether Allianz, AOK, AON, R+V, Versiko or DVAG, we are specialists and only look after the best.

Semiconductor & Microelectronics

This area is one of the top domains of us since the establishment of the company.

Mechanical and plant engineering

We help in the fields of process engineering, power engineering, supply engineering, production engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and many more.

Medical & Pharma

We support you in your search for healthcare professionals and managers.

MINT – High Tech – IT – Electronics – New Media.

Since the beginning of the “digital and Internet age”, we have been present in this market with our know-how.

Mode /Fashion/ Lifestyle

Fashion, design and brands: We take care of the best!

Our locations

We have been operating for many years with dedicated consultants as specialized IT Personnel Consulting active. Also in the area Personnel consulting semiconductor we have a team of experts at our disposal.

Amsterdam - Pape Consulting Group AG


Barcelona - Pape Consulting Group AG


Dublin - Pape Consulting Group AG


London - Pape Consulting Group AG


Lisbon - Pape Consulting Group AG


Madrid - Pape Consulting Group AG


Milan - Pape Consulting Group AG


Paris - Pape Consulting Group AG


Prague - Pape Consulting Group AG


Pune - Pape Consulting Group AG


Warsaw - Pape Consulting Group AG


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The Experteer-Jury has elected: PAPE became Headhunter of The Year ! *)

Pole Position for Pape: The leading Economy Magazine FOCUS published their list of TOP Headhunters and elected PAPE as leading Recruiting Company in its Business. We very much appreciate this honor of being awarded among approx. 6.000 Headhunters in Germany. It makes us proud and gives our Clients the security, that they have selected the right Partner for their searches.

Warum die besten - Pape Consulting Group AG


All advertised
Vacancies were filled


All customers work again
together with us


All applicants had a
positive experience with us
Worauf Sie achten - Pape Consulting Group AG

We are one of the leading Executive Search

We are one of the leading Executive Search companies in Germany offering also full service recruiting services. All of our consultants serve only those industry segments of which they have inside knowledge. Only then one can understand the needs and demands of the clients and get access to high-quality candidates.

We offer comprehensive expertise to deliver outstanding solutions. We enable renowned companies to fill their positions quickly. That’s what our Executive Search Consultants stand for.

Each and every one of them has an exceptional national and international track record of success in technical and managerial positions.

As pioneer for innovative and reliable recruiting more than 1.000 clients have chosen us to solve the most important issue: to find the right candidates for their organization!.

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Get in touch with us.

Trust in diversity: We don’t rely on just one method. We listen carefully and then suggest the most suitable search methodology.

Über uns gestern - Pape Consulting Group AG

About us yesterday and today

It was difficult for us when we started 30 years ago to develop our own identity in the then very confusing market of personnel consultants, which was to stand out from the “usual market” consultant stereotype.

We didn’t have one of the legendary Californian garages, but a basement in a single-family house, where it all began and we developed our identity.