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Generalisten als Personalberater - Pape Consulting Group AG

Generalists as personnel consultants: Not possible

There are consultants who serve every industry from baby food to telecommunications. Let’s face it, an infant nutritionist is not going to persuade an IT director to change jobs. You do need to understand the jobs you’re looking for, but you especially need to understand the corporate cultures and organizations.

A consultant is only able to convince candidates of the value of a change if he is an „insider“, otherwise he is not credible either. We at PAPE focused on what we are really better at: The foundation of our success story has always been industry expertise and the corresponding specialization.

Each of our consultants operates in the industry in which he has his most valuable expertise. And, just as importantly, he says so even if he is unsuitable for it.

Here you will find our industries and specializations in which we offer you real added value. Click on the industry, learn more and find the right contact person at our company.

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Our industries with specialized consultants

Our structure and organization is focused on selected industries in order to be able to offer our clients and approached candidates real added value as an industry insider for personnel and career consulting. Our USP is specialization, our „No Touch List“ is thus clearly defined and offers a search terrain that generalists cannot offer.

Automotive & Zulieferer - Pape Consulting Group AG
Automotive & Suppliers

Whether BMW, Porsche, Bosch or Nexteer: We are specialists in demand!

Bauen/ Architektur & Infrastruktur - Pape Consulting Group AG
Construction/ Architecture & Infrastructure

Our specialized advisor will find you the most qualified employees

Chemie; Galvanik, Klebstoffe - Pape Consulting Group AG
Chemicals; Electroplating, Adhesives

We have been filling management and specialist positions in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries for many years.

Energie und Energietechnik - Pape Consulting Group AG
Energy and power engineering

We are experts in this challenging environment and will find the right people for you

Energie und Energietechnik - Pape Consulting Group AG
Electrical engineering and electronics

As a solution provider, we can offer our customers various services in this industry as well.

Finanz- und Versicherungswesen - Pape Consulting Group AG
Finance and insurance

Whether Allianz, AOK, AON, R+V, Versiko or DVAG, we are specialists and only serve the best.

Halbleiter & Mikroelektronik - Pape Consulting Group AG
Semiconductors & Microelectronics

This area is one of the top domains of us since the foundation of the company.

Handel - Pape Consulting Group AG

We work closely with well-known companies in the trade.

Food • Konsumgüter - Pape Consulting Group AG
Hotel industry/ gastronomy

Becoming known as a solution provider and a difference maker, the company quickly took off.a

Food • Konsumgüter - Pape Consulting Group AG
IT Personnel Consulting

Personnel consulting: We find the TOP forces in IT

Food • Konsumgüter - Pape Consulting Group AG
Cosmetics and personal care

Recruiters can only build trust with their clients and candidates

Food • Konsumgüter - Pape Consulting Group AG
Food industry, food

Product variety and diversity characterize the consumer goods sector. We have been active here for many years.

 Verpackung - Pape Consulting Group AG
Life Science

As a solution provider, we can offer our customers a wide range of services.

Maschinen- und Anlagenbau / Automatisierung - Pape Consulting Group AG
Machine and Plant Engineering / Automation

We find highly specialized engineers!

Marktforschung - Pape Consulting Group AG
Market Research

Scientific methods are used to observe what is happening in the market. We staff specialists and executives.

Mode /Fashion/ Lifestyle - Pape Consulting Group AG
Fashion /Fashion/ Lifestyle

Fashion, design and brands: We cater to the best!.

Medical & Pharma - Pape Consulting Group AG
Medical & Pharma

We support you in your search for healthcare professionals and executives.

MINT • High Tech • IT • Elektronik • New Media - Pape Consulting Group AG
MINT • High Tech • IT • Electronics • New Media

Since the beginning of the “digital and internet age” we are present in this market with our know-how.

Nutz-, Sonder- und Spezialfahrzeuge - Pape Consulting Group AG
Commercial, Special & Special vehicles

Our consultants are also available to you in the area of commercial, special and special-purpose vehicles.

Supply Chain / Einkauf - Pape Consulting Group AG
Supply Chain / Purchasing

SCM and purchasing are two key areas of focus for our specialized consultant.

 Verpackung - Pape Consulting Group AG

As a solution provider, we can offer our customers a wide range of services.

 Verpackung - Pape Consulting Group AG
Travel Tourism

The job market is constantly changing. Who was looking for talent 10 years ago.

 Verpackung - Pape Consulting Group AG

Our consultant works closely with well-known companies in the packaging industry.

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