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It sounds easy to search for candidates, contact them and convince them. But this method it is not working any more. Highly qualified employees have no need to change their job, they are in high demand and they are not waiting for a call from a headhunter.

Only if the consultant is credible in his approach he will get access to these individuals. A very important part of our philosophy is that we have a unique way, our way, to approach the candidates. We conduct an initial career consulting at the beginning of each discussion with a potential candidate. This means much more effort but means a lot for the candidates. Subsequently we start offering job opportunities and match expectations, abilities and the cultural fit.

In more than 300 search projects per year we are successful with our method and we are more successful than our competitors, because we really care. We care about the candidates and we care about our guarantee to complete each search project for our clients successfully.

Instead of acting as mere headhunters we have – from our beginnings – acted as solution hunters. It is due to this business philosophy that we have acquired a reputation of being trendsetter and market leaders in our business.

„If your only tool is a hammer every problem looks like a nail!“

This quote from Paul Watzlawick has moved us for over 2 decades and it always reminds us not just to offer what we actually have, but to listen to our clients‘ needs and then act according to their specific requirements. Eva Heppel, Senior Consultant

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Factsheet-Pape Consulting Group AG
Michael Kuchenbuch
Talents don’t search … they want to be found!
„We are one of the leading Executive Search companies in Germany offering also full service recruiting services. All of our consultants serve only those industry segments of which they have inside knowledge. Only then one can understand the needs and demands of the clients and get access to high-quality candidates!“
Michael Kuchenbuch, Member of the board

What can you expect from us?

Direct Search, Executive Search
PAPE is specialised in this “royal discipline” of recruiting. We cherish taking care of our customers with a long-term approach and carry out search orders for all hierarchy levels of specialists and managers.
Media-based Recruiting
Flexibility in choosing the appropriate search method is the key to efficient recruiting. The budget for a direct search is not always available. Neither is this staff search method always wise. Consultants who focus only on direct searches often fail and achieve low completion rates because of their one-dimensional approach.
Outplacement/ Newplacement
Experience, competence and innovative energy are our hallmark. We offer high-quality, individual consulting services both for specialist and management-grade staff, and for companies themselves.
HR Services
We don’t leave you alone, no matter if you need legal advice, Assessments, Audits, Employer Branding Campaigns or Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services. Ask us for a Quote.
We offer a great variety of Coaching Services for your employees.
Recruiting Process Outsourcing
We take care of your complete recruiting process.

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Trust in diversity: We don’t rely on just one method. We listen carefully and then suggest the most suitable search methodology.