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Your personnel consultancy in Amsterdam – Pape Consulting Group AG

The personnel consultancy Pape Consulting is also represented in the Dutch capital Amsterdam. The most populous city in the Netherlands is also the capital, even though the royal residence and the seat of government are in Den Haag, 60 kilometres away. Amsterdam is connected to the North Sea via the North Sea Canal and the canals in the old town are world-famous. The economic output per capita is also interesting: it is around €47,500. In comparison, this is around €9,000 higher than in the German capital Berlin.

Amsterdam looks back on a long history. As early as the 13th century, a dam with a floodgate was built on the river Amstel. This protected the fishing village of „Amstelredam“ from storm tides. The town quickly developed from an initial fishing village into a trading town. The proximity to the water was used intensively and facilitated this. The numerous canals between the houses still reveal the regulations of the time. For example, the merchants had to pay taxes for the building depending on the area they occupied along the canal. This resulted in the narrow yet very high construction of the houses. The construction close to the water made it necessary to erect the buildings on piles: Amsterdam therefore stands on about 5 million wooden piles.

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Why is Amsterdam interesting for personnel consulting?

Many Dutch companies have their headquarters in Amsterdam. In addition to the Heineken brewery and the Philips electronics group, several major banks have also settled here. Renowned research institutes and numerous start-ups also promise solid economic development. Especially fields such as information technology, chemistry and physics are represented by renowned research institutions. The proximity to the North Sea still makes Amsterdam an important trade and logistics centre. The port is the second largest in the Netherlands (after Rotterdam) and is an important pillar of the economy.

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Your contact person at Pape Consulting Group AG in Amsterdam

Eva Heppel

Senior Partner
Eva joined us in 2014 and is focussed in fashion industry, supply chain and purchasing.

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