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Christian Pape gegründet - Pape Consulting Group AG

Your personnel consultancy in Barcelona – Pape Consulting Group AG

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain. After Hamburg, it is the largest city in Europe that is not the country’s capital in the same capacity. It is also the most densely populated city in Europe after Paris. Over 4.5 million people live in the agglomeration. In addition, over 17 million tourists from abroad visit the city and its sights every year. This puts the city in fourth place among the most visited cities in Europe after Paris, London and Venice. The expertise of the PAPE Consulting Group can also make a valuable contribution in the city of Barcelona through personnel consulting.


Not too much is known about the founding period. What is known is that 2000 years ago the location was strategically important and well defended. Towards the end of the Roman Empire, the city was strongly fortified, as Germanic invasions threatened again and again. This was due, among other things, to the presumably high wealth of the inhabitants, which had accumulated through wine-growing and other cultivation.

This was followed by repeated armed conflicts, but also long periods of peace. Politically, too, things were never quiet in Barcelona: the city developed from a military dictatorship to a democracy. This also brought growth, prosperity and tourism to the city.

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Personnel consulting in Barcelona

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Christian Pape

CEO, Top Management Headhunter, Author, Coach
Christian has a University Business Degree in Electronics, is founder and CEO of PAPE. He runs the company, is one of the most popular headhunter in Germany and acts as C-Level-Consultant. He published several bestseller books about recruiting, job & career.

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Christian Pape gegründet - Pape Consulting Group AG


From an economic perspective, Barcelona is a major centre of economic value creation. The GDP per capita of around €40,100 is above average in Europe. The city is also the cultural and political centre of Catalonia. The main sectors are services in education and health, trade and tourism. But pharmaceuticals, medicine and the automotive industry are also strongly represented and important employers.

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