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The personnel consultancy Pape Consulting is also represented in the Irish capital Dublin. It is also the largest city in Ireland and is in the province of Leinster. In 2018, Dublin achieved the rank of „Alpha-“ in the „Globalization and World Cities Network“ (GaWC) and was thus listed among the top 30 cities in the world. Dublin is located on the east coast of Ireland. The name Dublin is the English form of the Irish word Duibhlinn [ˈdivʲ.lʲiːnʲ], which means „black pond“. Black“ expresses the fact that Dublin is situated on a deep body of water suitable for mooring a harbour. There are approximately 530,000 inhabitants living within the city limits.


Ptolemy first mentioned the city in 140 under the name Eblana. Dublin was originally a Celtic settlement called „Áth Cliath“ („hurdle ford“). The name Dublin was given to the city in 842 by the Vikings, who founded a separate village called „Duibhlinn“ next to this settlement. In 1204, King John of England had a fortress built in Dublin. Over the next centuries, Dublin became the British administrative centre in Ireland. As the capital of the Kingdom of Ireland, Dublin was the seat of the bicameral parliament (House of Commons and House of Lords) between 1541 and 1800.

The 1916 Irish Rebellion in Dublin led to Irish MPs declaring Irish independence in 1919. The ensuing Irish War of Independence and Civil War caused great damage to Dublin. Irish independence was recognised in 1922 and Dublin became the capital of the Free State of Ireland. Since 1973, when Ireland joined the European Community, Dublin has developed into a European metropolis. Dublin officially celebrated its 1,000th anniversary in 1988.
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Historically, Dublin was economically the centre of brewing, such as Guiness. This was joined over time by the pharmaceutical industry (including Pfizer) and the IT sector (including the European headquarters of Google, Microsoft, Facebook, PayPal, Zynga, Yahoo and Twitter). In 2011, Dublin was the second most attractive city for corporate headquarters (behind Antwerp) according to a study by PWC. Ireland’s financial centre is also in Dublin, as many European banks (including Citigroup, Commerzbank, WestLB, LBBW, Helaba) and insurance companies (including Irish Life, London Life) have their offices here.

The Irish Stock Exchange, the Irish Stock Exchange and the Irish Enterprise Exchange are also based in Dublin, as are the four largest Irish airlines: Aer Arann, Aer Lingus, CityJet and Ryanair. Tourism is an important economic factor in Dublin. Almost five million tourists visited Dublin. The city thus reached 25th place among the most visited cities worldwide in 2016. Most visitors came from Europe and the USA.
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Your contact person at Pape Consulting Group AG in Dublin:

Christian Pape

CEO, Top Management Headhunter, Author, Coach
Christian has a University Business Degree in Electronics, is founder and CEO of PAPE. He runs the company, is one of the most popular headhunter in Germany and acts as C-Level-Consultant. He published several bestseller books about recruiting, job & career.

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