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Lombardy is home to Italy’s largest conurbation: Milan. The city’s exceptional location helped it rise early on to become an industrial city and is one of the most important economic centres. The expertise of the PAPE Consulting Group can also make a valuable contribution in the city of Milan through personnel consulting.


Milan looks back on a long history in a state of high culture. As early as 200 BC, the settlement was conquered by the Romans and belonged to the Holy Roman Empire until the 6th century. After that, it was destroyed and rebuilt by numerous wars and changing rulers. From the 12th century onwards, the city’s role as an important site of independence stabilised. Nevertheless, as a result, it served various ruling dynasties to maintain power, which in turn helped the city in its development.

In the more recent past, the city underwent many developments that can be observed throughout Europe. After the Second World War, economic growth returned, massive protests raged here during the ’68 era, and since the 1980s the city has grown into a moderate and prosperous metropolis. Accompanying phenomena such as sharply rising property prices, migration to the surrounding areas and growing suburbs were not left out.

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Milan is popularly known for its fashion and trade fairs. However, there is much more behind the gleaming doors of this economically very successful metropolis. Industries such as automotive, fashion and clothing, chemicals, medical technology, mechanical engineering and many more are located here. Milan is also home to the Italian stock exchange and numerous banks. Despite all the economic balance, the quality of life is not neglected: the city ranks one place directly behind London and one place ahead of Barcelona and is thus positioned far ahead in the field of metropolises with a high quality of life.

Personnel consulting in Milan

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Christian has a University Business Degree in Electronics, is founder and CEO of PAPE. He runs the company, is one of the most popular headhunter in Germany and acts as C-Level-Consultant. He published several bestseller books about recruiting, job & career.

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