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With its size and culture, the capital of Poland is an important centre for business and society. The largest city in terms of area is home to over 1.7 million inhabitants and generates around 15% of Poland’s total GDP. Yet Warsaw has a lot to offer, not only culturally, due to its history and current way of life. The expertise of the PAPE Consulting Group can also make a valuable contribution in the city of Warsaw through personnel consulting.


The city of Warsaw also looks back on a long history. Many different aristocrats stayed there and built magnificent palaces. Unfortunately, most (all but one) of the magnificent buildings were destroyed during the World Wars. After the First World War, Poland gained independence from Russian supremacy. It experienced a building boom until the Second World War and developed strongly. In the war that followed, around 10% of the buildings were destroyed and Warsaw was besieged and conquered. The German occupation brought 5 years of fear and terror to the population. The establishment of the Warsaw Ghetto and the deportation of Jews to the Treblinka extermination camp are also part of Warsaw’s sad history. After the Warsaw Uprising, many buildings were demolished as planned.

After the end of the war – thanks to magnificent architecture – the city was rebuilt according to the old model. The Old Town of Warsaw can be admired again today. Like Hamburg, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, although Warsaw’s Old Town is only about 70 years old.

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The metropolis of Warsaw is the economically strongest region in Poland. More than 140 billion US dollars are generated here, which corresponds to about 15% of Poland’s total GDP. The GDP per capita exceeds that of many western cities and is a sign of Warsaw’s prosperity. This is mainly due to its location: many companies use it as a gateway to Eastern Europe and at the same time as a fixed location for their central administrations. Warsaw has had a stock exchange since 1991. It is one of the fastest growing and largest stock exchanges in Eastern Central Europe.

Personnel consulting in Warsaw

The PAPE Consulting Group is also represented in Warsaw. Please contact us with your request.

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