Andreas Schönemann

Andreas Schoenemann

Andreas Schönemann

Managing Partner and Personnel Consultant

Andreas Schönemann has extensive and varied experience as a manager, consultant and management trainer from a career spanning more than 20 years in medium-sized companies.

Initially as a partner, and later as sales manager of a management consultancy specialising in sales marketing, he was responsible for the development of sales strategies and the training of sales representatives. In Austria, he won numerous clients for the same consulting and training company and worked as a consultant and trainer for companies such as Minolta, Skidata, Schachermayer and Porsche.

He then moved to a management position at a market-leading B2B mail order company. As a partner manager and internal coach, he developed managers and franchise partners as well as their teams. He then took over the reorganisation of sales at the same company as sales manager. He developed a new multi-channel sales strategy and played a key role in reorganising the company.

In the last 5 years of his management career, Andreas Schönemann was responsible for the development of a systematic sales-orientated personnel development programme as Head of Corporate Development in an international medium-sized company.

In this context, he was involved in many areas that are also part of Pape’s service profile. He initiated and realised the following projects:


  • Introduction of psychometric procedures for the recruitment and assessment of specialists and managers
  • Development and company-wide (international) introduction of a new mission statement
  • Training and development programme for prospective managers
  • Development and implementation of an audit for sales teams and managers
 Andreas Schönemann - Managing Partner und Personalberater - Pape Consulting Group AG

His specialisations


  • Packaging industry
  • consulting
  • Wholesale and mail order B2B
  • Adult education
  • Sales positions

Sales services

  • Sales coaching
  • Sales consulting
  • Organisational development
  • Career counselling
„Innere und äußere Voraussetzungen für nachhaltigen Erfolg im Leben“ - Pape Consulting Group AG

His personal passion is the topic of “Inner and outer prerequisites for sustainable success in life”. He has completed NLP training and is certified to use the Thomas International DISC profile and the Graves Values System Model.

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