Brigitte Lang

Brigitte Lang

Brigitte Lang

Personnel Consultant, Managing Partner

Focus: Renewable energies & automotive industry

As a personnel consultant with many years of experience in executive search, Brigitte Lang has gained extensive experience in working with medium-sized companies, well-known corporations and global players as a partner/managing partner at major international personnel consultancies and as co-founder of a European consultancy for executive search and management consulting.

With the consistent interplay of experience and expertise, Brigitte has always achieved the “perfect match” when filling management and key positions.

Innovative sectors, and therefore also start-ups, have always been Brigitte’s focus as a consultant. It is her passion for new technologies and supporting change processes that has led her to focus primarily on renewable energies and the automotive industry in the wake of decarbonisation, digitalisation and sustainability.

VUCA and increasingly also BANI represent the current framework conditions in which managers have to make decisions. It is obvious that the demands placed on managers have changed dramatically in recent years and that the staccato of change is hitting them ever harder. Managers must be able to deal with this new reality or they will fail.

What is needed are managers who can think “out of the box” and navigate their team through a volatile world that is in parts unknown. As the architect of an agile system with a vision and a clear strategy, the manager forms guard rails that enable a team to make independent decisions. The manager therefore has a decisive influence on whether teams perceive the chaotic conditions of the VUCA/BANI world as a threat or an opportunity.

Brigitte shapes the success of her clients in the energy and automotive sectors by placing leaders in positions who can shape the issues of the future with expertise and vision and provide valuable impetus for companies in an increasingly digital future. She knows the business models and value chains, the trends and challenges as well as the markets in these sectors. The resulting extensive network of relevant decision-makers up to top level and key players is also the reason for her speed in selecting and placing executives with lasting success.

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  • Green hydrogen
  • Hydrogen Mobility
  • Photovoltaics
  • Power-to-X
  • Start-ups & Accelators
  • Alternative Fuels
  • E-mobility
  • MaaS/Connected Car
  • Sustainability
  • Green Factory
  • Mobility Ecosystem
  • Start-ups & Accelators
  • Decarbonisation
  • Industrial digitalisation


  • Renewable energies
  • Automotive and supplier industry
  • Mechanical and plant engineering

Services industry

  • Executive/direct search
  • C-level consulting
  • Start-up consulting
  • Executive/Direct Search
  • C-Level Consultancy
  • Start-up consulting
  • Executive/Direct Search
  • C-Level Consultancy
  • Active Sourcing
  • Perspective consulting
 Brigitte Lang - Personalberaterin, Managing Partner - Pape Consulting Group AG

Passion is the beginning of every success

To this day, it is the symbiotic relationship between people and companies that makes Brigitte passionate about her job. Her clients value her strong personal commitment, coupled with a high level of professionalism and a pragmatic approach that is always solution-orientated and leads to success.

For Brigitte, the focus is always on a solution that is specifically tailored to the client to successfully fill the position, appreciative and trusting communication during the course of the project and a flexible way of thinking and acting on the part of the consultant as the basis for sustainable and long-term cooperation.

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