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christian pape

Christian Pape, Dipl.-Ing.

Vorstand, CEO, Top Management Headhunter, Erfolgsautor

Christian Pape, Dipl.-Ing. Elektrotechnik, is Chairman of the Board of Pape Consulting Group AG Personalberatung and a very prominent representative of his guild, a sought-after commentator in the media, such as Bild, Focus, Süddeutsche, die Zeit, Spiegel, Manager Magazin, RTL, N-TV, VOX or MDR.
He runs the company, acts as a top management headhunter and C-level consultant, supports people in professional change processes as a career consultant and is also a very successful book author and known for his entertaining career guides.

Special times require special strategies. Corona and the Ukraine war has changed a lot of things. Employees are currently unwilling to change jobs and companies are having a hard time finding the right employees. Only an experienced headhunting professional can remedy this situation and bring company and candidate together for a “perfect fit”.

“80% of all resumes are junk”.

“80% of all resumes are junk” he emphasized in an interview to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, most of them don’t know how to proceed in a job search, nor are they familiar with the right methods and tools.
He emphasizes in his lectures that everyone can find his “dream job”, if one only proceeds correctly thereby. Educating here and putting the right people in the right position – is his passion.

Christian Pape, Dipl.-Ing. - Pape Consulting Group AG
 Vom Jobtrauma zum Traumjob - Pape Consulting Group AG

Vom Jobtrauma zum Traumjob

Stop trying yourself, you will only get rejections. Here you can exclusively download the new book by Christian Pape as a pdf. Then it will also work out with the dream job!
“The job does not get who fits best on it, but the one who knows how to get it!”

Learn from the author Christian Pape, one of the most experienced and prominent headhunters and top-level consultants in Germany, first-hand how job hunting really works and how you too will land your dream job.


  • Executive- /Direct Search, Top Management Recruiting, C-Level-Beratung
  • Spezialist in den Branchen Mikroelektronik, Halbleiter, Automotive, Sensorik und Messtechnik, Chemie und Neue Medien
  • Outplacement und Coaching
Schwerpunktthemen - Pape Consulting Group AG
Christian Pape - Berufliche Laufbahn - Pape Consulting Group AG


“Personnel consulting is my passion. Bringing the right candidates to the right companies is my highest goal. In addition to the professional suitability, the “cultural fit” is most important to me, so that people and the corporate cultures also fit together perfectly!”


Education: Dipl.-Ing. electrical engineering



In his professional career, after completing his studies in electrical engineering, he initially worked as a hardware developer at Siemens. After three years, he moved to NEC, where he sold semiconductor chips and systems as a key account manager. He was then brought to Fujitsu, where he worked in sales worldwide.

In total, he worked for Japanese companies for 7 years and spent a lot of time in Japan and the Far East. His last employer was LSI Logic, a global chip company, where he got to know the American corporate spirit and worked as Sales Director Europe in top management. .

Since 1992 he has been self-employed as a company founder and personnel consultant.

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