Daniel Schröder

Daniel Schröder

Daniel Schröder

Managing Partner Chemistry & Pharma

Focus on the chemical industry!

Daniel Schröder builds bridges and networks the best with the best – thanks to his own professional expertise.

Personnel consulting is often understood as advising companies and recruiting candidates. What if the consulting headhunter and his team have the professional expertise to identify a vacancy in an excellent way and meet decision-makers/candidates on an almost equal footing?

Daniel and his team have many years of combined experience as chemists/engineers and are therefore familiar with almost all areas that can be pursued as a professional with this background, such as engineering/production, (technical) sales, project/product management, R&D, QHSE/regulatory affairs or supply chain management in the areas of plastics and rubber processing, adhesives, construction chemicals, coatings/paints, cosmetics/consumer goods/cleaning/WAS, speciality chemicals, analytics and others within the chemical industry.

All of these areas are filled by Daniel and his team with excellent technical expertise that is unrivalled in the recruitment industry. Daniel is aware that as a recruitment consultant in the chemical industry you essentially have to fulfil three functions.


As a business economist, engineer and, above all, an expert in the chemical and related industries as well as other sectors (e.g. measurement technology, logistics, electrical engineering), he is able to communicate with candidates as well as with the specialist departments of companies on an equal footing. As a former industry executive, he is able to understand and communicate key areas of activity, specialist skills and “gaps”, but above all to separate the important from the unimportant. With his combination of expertise, acumen and mindset, he can therefore be a valuable advisor for HR departments on the candidate market.


Business card

The way Daniel and his team present themselves as consultants in their approach – all this leaves a lasting positive impression, which also casts an appealing light on the respective client.

In active sourcing (direct approach), Daniel’s team does not engage in any surprise attempts at persuasion, promised callbacks that never materialise or ominous recommendations whose source must not be named (because perhaps it was just a search on Xing after all).

Instead, commitment, reliability, excellent research and a personalised approach form the basis of the work of Daniel’s team of expert chemists.

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Bridge builder

Daniel’s most important function is building bridges within the chemical industry. He knows how to connect decision-makers with specialists and executives in both directions, to think about the next career steps and to build bridges between people and positions that at first glance do not appear to be a perfect match and at second glance lead to the perfect match. Daniel’s understanding of the fact that highly qualified professionals/executives in the chemical industry do not usually search for themselves, but (want to) be found, helps him to do this!

In addition to corporate decision-makers, Daniel’s business and private network also includes many high-calibre people who cannot be found by searching on Xing, LinkedIn or other well-known networks. They also do not actively apply for positions, but – if they do change jobs – do so via their own network, approached by a business partner or other channels that are inaccessible to companies.

Daniel and his team of experts have set themselves the task of finding, approaching and advising these experts and managers in order to make the difference to other consultants at precisely this point.

Many of these professionals appreciate it when a personnel consultant takes care of them, is able to categorise their expertise and takes time for mutual reflection. Daniel and his team are not primarily concerned with a quick conclusion, but with a career-spanning collaboration with people – references can confirm this!

The word “people” should be emphasised in this context, because no matter who Daniel and his team of experts talk to, on the candidate or company side: it is always people talking to people and not companies talking to functions, profiles, interests or even applicants!

The “how” – a competent and appreciative exchange at eye level – makes the decisive difference and makes Daniel a bridge builder and networker within the chemical industry: through him and his (team) expertise, interdisciplinary career options open up for talents that they would neither think of nor find without Pape Consulting – and companies can fill challenging vacancies in the best possible and sustainable way by having confidence in expanding their skills and enabling professional change requests.

Daniel’s focus here is on understanding people’s mindset in addition to their professional qualifications: what motivates people to perform at their best, what are they passionate about in the long term and what values do they live by?

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