Dimitri van den Oever

Dimitr van den Oever

Dimitri van den Oever

Senior Partner

Dimitri van den Oever has been a partner at Pape Consulting Group AG since 2019.

Born in the Netherlands, Mr van den Oever studied business administration in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

Mr van den Oever has over 20 years of experience in various management positions in the areas of general management, sales, marketing and human resources and most recently as a member of the European board of a global direct sales company.

He is an emphatic problem solver and has spent his career focusing on sales success, corporate culture and leadership.

As a result, he also works as a management and career coach.

In order to increase his candidates’ chances of success, he attaches great importance to the identification of customised profiles and, above all, cultural fit. He sets high standards for himself, is optimistic and considers humour to be just as important as professionalism.

In personnel consulting, he focusses on management and executive positions in sales, marketing and HR in the FMCG, luxury goods, fashion, direct sales and nautical industries.

Due to his many years of international activities, he offers clients and candidates solutions far beyond national borders.

His hobbies are sailing, golf, tennis and playing the piano.

Assessment of the cooperation with Pape Consulting Group AG and Mr Dimitri van den Oever , Sen. Partner

In 2020, as part of my assignment for the German branch of an international cosmetics group, I commissioned Mr van den Oever and his organisation to support me in the upcoming extensive recruitment measures. This involved the replacement of the entire national sales force structure within a limited period of time.

After many years as a personnel manager for international companies, I had to make mostly unsatisfactory experiences with the performance and quality of the consulting firms commissioned. Thanks to the support of Mr van den Oever and his team, the project, which was essential for the future orientation of the company, was completed on time with the necessary quality of the employees hired.

The basis of the successful project was the personal commitment of Mr van den Oever as project manager, his knowledge of the industry, the targeted involvement of his team and the quality of the direct exchange and communication during the entire period.

The constant need to adapt processes to changing parameters and the associated understanding speak volumes for the willingness to go the necessary “extra metre” and deviate positively from the performance level of normal personnel consultancies. It must be emphasised that Mr van den Oever and his team not only pursued the interests of the client but also always saw themselves as intermediaries to the candidates approached, for whom he was a recognised partner.

To summarise, one can only arrive at a thoroughly positive assessment, which represents a good basis for future cooperation. Many thanks again to Mr van den Oever and the Pape team.

Ralph Spangenberg

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