Michael Weyer

Michael Weyer

Michael Weyer

Consultant, Senior Partner

Michael Weyer, based in Munich, is a successful executive search consultant in the DACH region. Michael Weyer works in both directions and searches as an executive search consultant and headhunter on behalf of a company for the right candidate or on behalf of the client “Inverse Headhunting”, the right company for you. Based on known market problems, he has played a key role in developing the “Professional Placement Programme” process. This procedure is an innovative further development of modern, analytical methods and procedures of the executive search process and is called inverse headhunting.

For companies:

Michael Weyer qualifies the perfect candidate for you so that you don’t invest time and money in a bad hire. He finds people for you who fulfil your requirements exactly. Using a multi-stage analysis process, he compares your specialist and company-specific values and requirements for the new board members, managing directors, managers and executives with the candidate characteristics in such a way that not only the service portfolio but also the “core values” are perfectly represented.

Depending on the client assignment, Michael Weyer offers the following consulting services:

  • Executive search / direct approach (headhunter)
  • Active sourcing
  • Outplacement / Newplacement
  • Career counselling / career coaching
  • Perspectives consulting

Management and executive positions in the areas of

  • Finance, Sales, Marketing and HR

with the industry focus:

  • Catering & hotel industry
  • Food and beverage industry, breweries
  • tourism
  • FMCG
  • Luxury goods & leisure industry
  • Cosmetics & Fashion
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For clients:

Your self-marketing in your application process is too important!

Don’t queue up with ‘umpteen others’ for jobs. Instead, use Michael Weyer to access hidden or latent job advertisements that match your values and competences. He will ensure that you maximise your chances of getting the best job and find the right employer for your potential. He works for top executives and experts who no longer want to be one “candidate” among many!


No matter how good you are, if you don’t manage to emphasise what makes you special and what added value you bring to the company, they won’t choose you.

He prepares you individually and personally for your next career step and brings you to interviews with the right decision-makers on the hidden and public labour market.

For Michael Weyer, research work means analysing which companies need what you offer as a person.

How likely is it that the position that suits you will be filled or can be created? The decision-makers may already be thinking about changing a position, but are unable to advertise it publicly.

Which group of people (owners, shareholders, board of directors, supervisory board, management) should be approached to ensure that the vacancy is successfully filled?

Benefit from Michael Weyer’s Professional Placement Programme, because his day-to-day business is placing the right people in the right company.

Read more about our “Professional Placement Programme

A career is not made in a job, but in the right company.

His experience is based on:

As a consultant and coach

As a consultant and coach, Michael Weyer puts people at the centre of everything he does. He has proven this time and again in successfully managed change projects focused on optimising quality and service management, for example. Restructuring and realignment of profit centre units and the introduction of self-service and full-service concepts were only possible because he was able to successfully involve his team members and inspire them for the projects.

As a networker

As a networker, he worked with customers and guests from federal and state ministries, the Bavarian State Chancellery and scientific and business committees. His customer orientation and his flair for people and trends should also be emphasised here. He successfully developed new business and event areas and successfully expanded existing structures.

As a leader

As a leader, he very successfully developed and was responsible for business areas and profit centres at an international airport and, among other things, opened 4 catering concepts for the commissioning of an airport terminal. He was also responsible for a sales-orientated business unit in the personnel services sector, which acted as a service provider for many renowned companies. Most recently, he was responsible for more than 250 employees in various functions.

He works on this basis

As a consultant and coach

As a consultant and coach, Michael Weyer uses his methodical approach to get to know you as a person and to work out your talents, skills and personality traits. However, it is not only the motives and competences, but also the principles and attitudes that serve both parties as guidelines for identification. Understanding these and building on them are essential for Michael Weyer in order to ensure the “perfect fit” for a sustainable, long-term business relationship.

As a networker

As a networker, Michael Weyer gets you talking to companies, science and industry. You benefit from a large network; he will find the right company for you. This saves you valuable time and positions you correctly as a person and high performer from the outset.

As a leader

As a leader, Michal Weyer guides you to the right dialogue partners and companies. Thanks to the targeted and intensive cooperation during the analysis phase, he already knows you very well and can therefore accompany you as a partner during the important interview and discussion phases in addition to selecting the right company.

Michael Weyer studied Business Administration

Michael Weyer studied Business Administration in Munich, is a business coach and trainer certified by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Michael Weyer is also accredited as a MASTER-ACCREDITED INSIGHTS MDI ® consultant and as a SENIOR LINC PERSONALITY PROFILER coach and trainer.

Michael Weyer also utilises the findings and techniques from this in his analysis portfolio. He has the tools, methods and procedures at his disposal to help you identify the ideal “perfect fit” for a targeted placement

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