Generalists as personnel consultants: Not possible

There are consultants who serve every industry from baby food to telecommunications. Let’s face it, an infant nutritionist is not going to persuade an IT director to change jobs. You do need to understand the jobs you’re looking for, but you especially need to understand the corporate cultures and organizations.

A consultant is only able to convince candidates of the value of a change if he is an „insider“, otherwise he is not credible either. We at PAPE focused on what we are really better at: The foundation of our success story has always been industry expertise and the corresponding specialization.

Each of our consultants operates in the industry in which he has his most valuable expertise. And, just as importantly, he says so even if he is unsuitable for it.

Here you will find our industries and specializations in which we offer you real added value. Click on the industry, learn more and find the right contact person at our company.

Our industries with specialized consultants

Architecture – Automotive – Construction – Chemicals – Consulting & Management Consulting – Chemicals – Consumer Goods – Electronics – Energy, Energy Technology & Energy Infrastructure – Food – Fashion & Lifestyle – Finance and Insurance – Semiconductors/ Microelectronics – Hospitality – Infrastructure – IT & Technology (MINT) – Cosmetics and Toiletries – Life Science & Healthcare – Luxury Goods and Leisure Industry – Mechanical Engineering/ Plant Construction – Semiconductor Automation – Media & Entertainment – Medical & Pharma – Commercial & Special Vehicles – Retail & E-Commerce – Supply Chain & Purchasing – Telecom & Network – Travel/ Tourism – Internet and Applications – Management Consulting – Packaging Industry – Materials – Recruiting for SMEs – Quality Management

Our structure and organization is focused on selected industries in order to be able to offer our clients and approached candidates real added value as an industry insider for personnel and career consulting. Our USP is specialization, our „No Touch List“ is thus clearly defined and offers a search terrain that generalists cannot offer.

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