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The capital of the Czech Republic with its 1.3 million inhabitants has an important function for the country, not only culturally but also economically. The well-preserved old town and thus the presence of history bring the past and the present together fruitfully. In the city of Prague, too, the expertise of the PAPE Consulting Group can make a valuable contribution through personnel consulting.

The city’s history goes back a long way. According to excavations, the first settlements are said to have existed 2000 years ago. The city also enjoyed great importance in the Middle Ages, not only because of its size, but also intellectually. In the 14th century, the city grew rapidly (about 40 thousand inhabitants) and became a cultural centre of Europe under the reign of King Charles. It was also institutionalised by Europe’s first university: Charles University.


With a quarter of the economic value added in the whole of the Czech Republic, Prague also plays an important role economically. High revenues are generated primarily through tourism: in 2016, this sector brought in 2.7 billion US dollars. The industrial sector also has two top performers in terms of turnover. The manufacture of food and electrical, including optical, equipment generates the strongest turnover in the industrial areas.

As mentioned above, tourism is an important pillar of the Czech capital. Numerous old buildings as well as modern architecture can be admired or smiled at here. The city is also particularly attractive because of its good infrastructure, which makes it easy to travel without a car. This makes it easy to combine different interests here, whether a visit to the numerous museums, a historical exploration of the castle, theatre, music or a culinary excursion into Czech cuisine.

Personnel consulting in Prague

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