The Handelsblatt newspaper calls us “Die Andersmacher”.

In 1992, Christian Pape launched his recruitment firm with a vision distinct from the typical image of a consultant—briefcase in hand, sporting a forced smile. He aimed to serve his clients as a dynamic problem solver, an inventive headhunter, and a knowledgeable industry insider, adept at navigating every recruitment challenge.

Over three decades later, PAPE Consulting Group AG stands stronger than ever, fueled by this enduring vision.

Innovative search techniques, a vast network, and a skilled team have positioned us as the “difference makers,” a title conferred by Handelsblatt. This distinction is underscored by our accolades, including the “Headhunter of The Year Award” and consistent recognition as a “Top Executive Search Consultancy” by Focus magazine, an honor we’ve held since 2014.

Das Handelsblatt-Pape Consulting Group AG

Our four “Andersmacher”

We craft dream realities.

Understanding your purpose each morning is a profound privilege. At PAPE Personnel Consultancy, we infuse significance into your daily life. We’re dedicated to discovering your ideal position or the perfect candidate! Intrigued about our approach? Allow us a brief two minutes to guide you through our “dream world”: the ultimate job, the ideal team member – and our unique secret?


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Team Pape

PAPE – The team

Every day, new recruitment consultancies emerge, each vying for a share of the escalating demand. The field, unbound by formal qualifications or quality standards, welcomes any “newcomer” with open arms. This makes the task of choosing the right partner for staffing needs an intricate challenge for outsiders. The jargon alone is a maze—personnel consultants, recruitment agencies, executive searchers, boutiques, lone rangers in the “old boys network”, sourcers, recruiters—what do these terms mean, and more importantly, who stands behind them?

Sometimes, the best approach is to step back, reflect on your true expectations from a personnel search, and evaluate the consultant against these criteria. For over twenty-five years, PAPE has been mastering this craft. If our promises were mere fluff, PAPE would have vanished long ago.

Over 1000 companies have trusted the pioneers of innovative and dependable personnel recruitment, knowing that our quest only ends when the client’s needs are fully met.

Schwerpunkte-Pape Consulting Group AG

At PAPE Consulting Group AG, our focus as a solution provider spans a wide array of services: recruiting specialists and executives, conducting executive searches at top management, C-level, and board levels, and delivering assessments, coaching, training, diagnostics, and outplacement/newplacement. We’re also at the forefront with innovative approaches like perspective consulting, StaffingPro, video coaching, and inverse headhunting.

We’re proud to serve over 1,000 clients across various industries, from budding startups and SMEs to multinational giants. Our role as a solution provider and trusted partner in all HR-related matters sets us apart. What truly distinguishes us is our team’s industry-specific expertise and an unwavering commitment to fulfilling every mandate successfully.

Our mission is clear: to forge the “perfect match” between companies seeking talent and the exceptionally qualified candidates.

C r e a t e for recruiting!

 Take CEO Günter Reinhold, a digitalization maestro at PAPE, who says, “The future is going digital. My expertise in automation and electrical engineering helps navigate the realms of IoT and Industry 4.0.” Managing Partner Andreas Schönemann, with his deep roots in packaging, payment, and FinTech, specializes in strategic sales staffing across sectors. Michael Kuchenbuch, our authority in the TIMES sectors, excels in personality and potential analyses. CEO Christian Pape adds, “In an era nearing full employment, persuading top-tier candidates to embrace change is challenging. Yet, this is where we excel, especially with our unique and respectful engagement approach.”

Schwerpunkte-Pape Consulting Group AG

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