Our vision

Only those who know their destination will find the way

Unsere Vision - Pape Consulting Group AG

Does a recruitment consultancy have a vision…?

Does a recruitment consultancy have a vision…?

We do. Because not only searching, finding and convincing is essential, but also that the consultant is convinced and strives to ensure that both sides are a long-term match.

We call this the “perfect fit” for both sides. Candidate and client must form a perfect synergy.

We have developed a symbol that symbolises this vision:

A control centre. 

This stands between

growing, employee-seeking companies on the one hand and

highly qualified individuals who want to actively shape their careers on the other hand.

From the outset, we have been solution hunters, rather than headhunters, and it is this vision that has made us thought leaders and market leaders in the recruitment consultancy sector.

Garantie für die erfolgreiche Besetzung - Pape Consulting Group AG

Why Pape?

  • Variety of search methods
  • Guarantee for successful recruitment
  • Industry specialisation
  • Successful in the market for over 30 years
  • The consultants realise all projects themselves
  • We are solution providers
Garantie für die erfolgreiche Besetzung - Pape Consulting Group AG

Comments on our values

We will never try to “persuade” you or overwhelm you with pointless arguments – we simply listen. You are the main person.

We always address critical points and challenges. We sometimes tell you things that you may not want to hear, but ultimately experience shows that this is the only way to ensure honest communication that benefits everyone.

We always protect your interests and act discreetly, responsibly, professionally and adapted to the situation.

We are very focused and respectful of your schedule, but we also have to take into account our planning and the consideration time of the candidates we approach.

You won’t hear or read any platitudes from us that don’t make sense. We are always binding in our statements.

Our guiding principle: Did you ever try…?

We have given a lot of thought to how a recruitment consultancy can give itself a clear vision, a guiding principle by which all staff and partners think and act. This is a very difficult task for a company that does not have a “product” in the sense of a service provider.

We found our guiding principle: “Did you ever try…?” This expresses everything we are and what we want to be. Because without constantly questioning things and saying: “Have you ever tried it the other way round?”

… we wouldn’t be where we are today and where we want to stay: To be pioneers in terms of quality, thinking outside the box, creative and always with a “never give up” mentality.

To visualise this, we have taken the five senses as the theme for our image brochure.

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We have asked five questions that initially seem paradoxical and pointless and therefore remain unanswered by most people.

We are not satisfied with this, we want a solution where others have already stopped thinking about it. We wanted to visualise this attitude, make it understandable and show that even things that seem impossible can be solved if you change your perspective and look at them hard enough.

Because that is our approach and the main reason for our success. This is how we see our work as HR consultants and the meaningfulness of our thoughts and actions. In other words, we start where others stop. That’s what makes the difference.

Did YOU ever try to …?

See the air

Did you ever try to see the air?

From the usual point of view, air is invisible. But with unconventional perspectives and the right tools, things suddenly become visible that remain hidden to others. That’s how creative solutions to problems take shape. This also applies to personnel consulting as we understand it.

In our network of specialists with different perspectives, we develop individual recruiting solutions with unconventional approaches and avoid conventional paths.

Did you ever try to hear the sun?

Perceive what the sun sounds like? It’s actually quite simple: take your time, listen carefully and be in the right place at the right time – where the sun’s warming rays melt the ice.

The consultants at PAPE-Personalberatung listen carefully. They do not ignore nuances. We take the time to clarify the general conditions of a project in detail. This is the only way we can gain a well-founded overall impression for the most diverse tasks and work successfully for you – as a problem solver for companies looking for personnel and as a career consultant for highly qualified candidates.

Hear the sun
Smell Glass

Did you ever try to smell glass?

Smell glass? Behind the supposed paradox, the “decoding” of which requires imagination and analytical thinking, lies a physical phenomenon that occurs on freezing cold winter nights: the ice flower.

Thinking outside the box, not insisting on fixed points of view, combining imagination with analytical thinking? This combination opens up new ways of recruiting.



Did you ever try to touch the light?

Light is not visible: it acts as a kind of medium that ‘communicates’ colours to our sensory organs. Can something invisible be touched? Yes! If it is transformed into visible and tangible matter through a creative transformation process.

Our goal is to transform challenging recruiting tasks into solutions. Our success is based on the fact that we do not allow ourselves to be “blinded” by conventional ways of thinking.

PAPE Consulting Group AG has therefore expanded its portfolio to utilise the inexhaustible digital sources and possibilities of the Internet: For the choice of new employers and for companies seeking personnel. In doing so, we continue to emphasise personal contact with our applicants on the web, reliable process support and fast and open communication.

Touch Light
Taste a beginning

Did you ever try to taste a beginning?

Experience what a new beginning tastes like? Everyone knows the power of a dewy morning to inspire new deeds. Embrace the fascination and accept the challenge of travelling unknown paths – together with us.

Approach each other, discuss openly and find a customised solution. That is the essence of our way of working.


The first step has been taken. Will you take the next one?

Thank you for your interest in PAPE Consulting Group AG! We have presented our philosophy to you on the previous pages. If we have now sparked your appetite, we invite you to experience with us how many opportunities change can bring. We look forward to meeting you!

Many thanks to Martin ET Karczinski, the creative agency that helped us to develop and transport these elements.