Be independent, but still in a team!

Enter our unique “partner model”!

Your advantages

You get what you deserve!

A personnel consultant can earn very well. It’s a pity when he has to give most of it away. Especially for services he doesn’t need – such as research, identification centres, etc. Only the employer gets rich.
With our model, most of the revenue belongs to you! You don’t pay a flat rate for services, but decide for yourself what to do with your earnings and where you need support.
Not with us!

You do everything only for yourself!

As a partner with us, you build your own existence, your clients belong to you.
With many well-known consultancies, only the company name and the framework agreements are decisive, the brand is the “drawing card” The client belongs to the company, not to the consultant.
As a consultant, you are therefore interchangeable and cannot develop your own added value.
Not with us!

Personnel consulting is fun!

You have a significant influence on careers and corporate success. In no other job you receive such immediate feedback for your work and play such a decisive role in shaping the future of companies and candidates!

Success is immediately noticeable and highly motivating!

Enjoy the freedom!

You divide up your work yourself and set your own goals. No one is above you anymore and tells you what you have to do and which KPI’s you still have to achieve this month.

When to do what, how and where is your decision alone.

Marketing and acquisition

You benefit from our wealth of awards and accolades (Headhunter of the Year, Handelsblatt, Wirtschaftswoche, Focus and many more) for a high reputation in the market. This gives you a real competitive advantage in acquisition and implementation.

Unique IT – maximum comfort and freedom!

Our cloud-based database has grown with us over 30 years and has adapted to the work process of a personnel consultant in the best possible way. It is an archive, process tool and communication tool. You have access from every corner of the earth (internet provided) and can work from anywhere.


You will be prepared for your job in the best possible way, with an internal and an external coach. This will give you the perfect start.

Diversity of services

Our range of services is as diverse as the talents and experience of our partner network. This means you always have solutions ready for your clients, whether it’s a wide variety of recruitment methods, outplacement, diagnostics, management audits, training and much more.

Stay away from “I’ll do it myself” and from expensive “franchise” models.

Setting up your own HR consultancy takes many months without being able to take care of productive things. Doing everything yourself is time-consuming and costly.
Competition is fierce, but the average lifespan of an individual consultant is less than a year. Why? Because people underestimate the work or don’t go into their job thoroughly prepared.
Don’t leave anything to chance – your professional future is at stake and you only have this one shot.
“First rime right” and therefore only with us!

We take care of everything and have a turnkey business model for you, where you can take care of your business immediately. We have many USP's that will give you competitive advantages with potential clients: Our many awards, the well-known brand, the good reputation, our approach as a solution provider, the renowned customer references, the versatility of methods and services, the synergies among partners, the low franchise fee, the know transfer, our powerful database, our TOP Google ranking, the independence of our partners, 30 years of good reputation in the industry and many more.

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The customer must trust you, otherwise he won’t “buy”. But you must earn this trust. You need a strong brand behind you, reputation, references, a brand, real added value. Everyone would like to have our Google TOP ranking.
We score points with our clients with many prestigious awards, 30 years of experience, 1000+ client references and a wide variety of solutions:
From personnel searches to diagnostics to outplacement, you always have a topic to discuss with your clients.


We are not “another headhunter”. Every consultancy has its own concept. Ours is very special. Why? We have ideas, diversity, creativity and many thinking heads. We are not entrenched, we are difference-makers.

Our know-how is unique and helps you with the acquisition, preparation of offers to the successful completion of a mandate and the generation of customer loyalty.


Our own database is an essential companion, as an archive and pool for candidates, as a project management tool and it serves to communicate with each other.

400 pages of website are our business card. Many consultants with a wide range of expertise help to successfully implement even the most demanding and exotic projects.


Who was on the phone first? It’s not your postcode area, hands off! It’s not your industry, I’ll do it.

We don’t have any of that. No envy, no “all mine”. We are a team.

Only together we are strong and successful. We all indulge and benefit from each other. And we take all that very seriously.

Personalberater sein - Pape Consulting Group AG

Being a personnel consultant with Pape

We have received numerous awards from renowned media and jurors. Do you want to be part of it?

The Handelsblatt calls us “Die Andersmacher”. What makes us so different? Our claim is: “create for recruiting” – and that is exactly what we live. Because there is not just one method for recruiting, we have to develop individual solutions depending on the situation, budget, time constraints and special requirements. That sounds platitudinous, but it is an important unique selling point. In our partner model, everyone is an entrepreneur and basically free in his or her decisions, but we act as a team, support each other in our expertise and experience and can thus act very effectively.

In this way, industry expertise can complement each other and the client can be offered other services such as diagnostics, outplacement/newplacement, audits, interim management, coaching and much more as a solution in addition to a wide range of recruitment methods. This creates strong customer loyalty and so, even in Corona times, we always have creative approaches to be able to work with the customer on the most diverse levels.

All recruiters are the same? Of course not

Even if the search methods sound the same everywhere - Direct Search, Executive Search, Active Sourcing and many more. - the methods are always different and, above all, always lead to different results and success rates. The know-how, skills, methods and tools needed to act successfully as a consultant are invaluable knowledge that we impart, among many other unique selling points, to make each of our consultants successful headhunters.

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Google also recommends PAPE: Google the word “personnel consultancy” and you will find us on the first page of 5 million search results in the organic top results. Not in the purchased ad section, but Google-real. This is not by chance. The Google algorithm measures not only the attractiveness of the content and visitor behaviour, but also popularity, traffic and the so-called “trust links”.

These are references from particularly trustworthy sites (media, universities, magazines, companies) that recommend "PAPE" and refer to Quite good prerequisites for walking the path together with us?

We have been active as a personnel consultancy for 30 years and have always been innovators in our industry. We have never been able to do much with the "old boys' network", but with customer-oriented, successful and reliable craftsmanship. Our completion rate - i.e. how many search projects are actually filled by us - is outstanding and customer satisfaction is always our top priority.

In addition to this "perfect fit" between company and candidate that we propagate and strive for, we also coined the term "solution provider" very early on. By this we mean that while we are very successful in our "core business" of direct/executive search, the services we provide to our clients always involve listening and then acting flexibly.

And so, in addition to direct search, we offer many other services, such as outplacement, diagnostics, assessments, management audits, interim management and much more. So you will always find a starting point for a cooperation with a potential client. That is what makes us so unique.

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STARKE MARKE - Pape Consulting Group AG

Finally your own boss and 100% productive!

You are an entrepreneur with us, but you are never alone. Imagine there’s no one left to tell you what to do, when and from where ????
You don’t want to take care of all the administration and infrastructure? You no longer want to give away half of the fee you earn, but manage primarily for yourself? You have left an exposed management position and are now looking for a new field of activity?
Then we should meet!
Ihre Selbständigkeit - Pape Consulting Group AG

Your self-employment as a personnel consultant. The partnership with PAPE

  • You want to become self-employed as a personnel consultant and finally start your own business?
  • You are already an experienced professional as a personnel consultant and are tired of continuing to operate as a lone fighter in the market?
  • You are already working successfully as a personnel consultant in an organisation and simply have to “give away” far too much of your earned fee…?

You are looking for an “umbrella organisation” with common interests, an innovative and complete infrastructure, a unique positioning with real added value for your future clients and you know that together you are always more powerful than each one alone?

Then become a partner with us! - Be an entrepreneur - but not alone!

PAPE Consulting Group AG is a solution provider for all recruitment topics. We are one of the leading personnel consultancies in Germany. We offer comprehensive services for our clients, ranging from "executive search" for filling high-level management positions to outplacement, HR consulting, interim management, employer branding, networking and e-recruiting to personnel marketing and creative advertising agency services.

With our franchise partner model, we have been supporting start-ups as well as experienced personnel consultants in their self-employment since 2001 and helping them to achieve a successful career as entrepreneurs in a highly attractive environment. Our system thrives on the synergy between the partners in combination with a common basic orientation, positioning and our high quality standards. This system is supported by PAPE as the umbrella organisation and keeps the entire know-how of a leading, successful personnel consultancy constantly available for many years. The know-how includes project procedures, acquisition strategies, contacts, networks, business partners and a database with over 40,000 highly qualified candidates.

With their personality, their presence in the market and their know-how, everyone contributes new valuable enrichments and business opportunities that other partners can use and which thus give each individual a competitive edge in the market.

PAPE AG has methods, tools and business ideas that are not available on the market in this constellation at any other personnel consultancy. We are known for always being a pioneer in our industry and have earned our success through new ideas, fresh thinking and real added value for our clients and candidates through genuine competitive advantages. PAPE Consulting Group AG...Create For Recruiting

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  • With our proven business concept and service package, you get a know-how edge that makes it much easier for you to enter the market.
  • You continuously benefit from the experience of our established partners and from our own know-how.
  • Compared to a recruitment consultancy acting as a sole proprietorship, you offer your clients a truly complete “solution portfolio” You appear professional right from the start, receive complete business equipment, advertising materials and a sophisticated marketing concept.
  • You work with our database, which maps the complete work process of the personnel consultant and supports you in your work in an indispensable way.
  • You are an adequate partner for large companies right from the start.
  • Together with us, you take a lower entrepreneurial risk compared to setting up your own business. Due to the proximity and cooperation with us, you enjoy a higher credit rating with banks.
  • You are independent and have all entrepreneurial freedom.
  • You benefit from our established name and take over projects acquired by the AG or partial tasks from them.

What are the ideal prerequisites for joining us?

The ideal candidate…

  • …has already worked successfully for several years as a personnel consultant or in a management position in the industry and has a good network of client connections and business opportunities.
  • The person has a good background in the market to be served. The target markets do not necessarily have to correspond to the existing “PAPE High-Tech Markets”. However, the model is also suitable for people who come from a management position and want to start their own business as a consultant.
  • A pronounced awareness of quality in project work is just as present as a primarily sales-oriented approach, i.e. one characterised by listening and a solution-oriented approach. In our understanding, the client and the candidate are equally at the centre of our activities.
  • Satisfying both sides, providing competent, committed and credible advice and drawing the right conclusions from it are among the main criteria for successful work as a consultant at PAPE in our approach.
  • Independence and entrepreneurial thinking are among the essential characteristics to be able to be successfull as a partner in our system.
  • Our claim “Create for recruiting” defines our task and the promise to our clientele to think outside the box and to solve even challenging and difficult tasks with imagination and commitment – and to always break new grounds.
  • Talk to us – the “bonus” is an interesting, never boring business relationship!

Dear Interested Party,

(Open letter regarding an enquiry from an interested party for the partner model)
Thank you for your interest.
The aim of our partner concept is to give newcomers to the industry of personnel consulting the complete tools in the form of training, coaching, special marketing tools, a renowned reference list and the support of an entire team so that one can work successfully – first time right.

Experienced consultants benefit from an established umbrella brand, a very present website, a large number of well-known references, a high Google ranking and prominent place in the media, the versatile, international network, sophisticated marketing and acquisition tools with unique selling points, an extensive, well-maintained database and the "we-feeling" of being an independent entrepreneur but always enjoying the spirit of a team.

We stand out from other franchise models in that we operate as a well-coordinated team, with currently 14 partners, in which we support and exchange each other in a valuable way. We do not know any competition among ourselves, but only cooperation. This sets us apart from many other franchise models in personnel consulting. Regarding financial expenditure: With our moderate entry fee, we do not want to earn money, but calculate our expenditure for a professional start of our new partners to cover our costs. Most franchise models on the market - and we are essentially different from them - are geared exclusively towards growth, earn considerable money on the entry fees and also draw their profitability from the fluctuation of new partners. We, on the other hand, want to make YOU a successful consultant.

If you are planning to start your own business in this environment, remember that you only have one "start-up". This one has to fit. Otherwise, you will immediately have a negative image as a consultant and will never be successful. You live from a network and initially from a leap of faith on the part of your potential customers. You should not abuse this and only use it when you are confident in this profession and have a high quality of work. Here we differ decisively in philosophy, preparation phase and implementation. I look forward to further discussions.

With kind regards

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What does the partner receive with the cooperation?

  • An established brand with excellent reputation with process and brand competence, over 30 years on the market
  • Onboarding and know-how transfer and entrepreneurial input to be able to work successfully as a personnel consultant
  • Multiple awards (Headhunter of the year, Focus, Welt, Experteer, XING, Handelsblatt, Wirtschaftswoche) and strong media presence
  • #TOP positions on Google, excellent findability on the web
  • Well-known customer references

  • Award-winning corporate design, extensive acquisition material, teasers, image brochures, website
  • Templates for all topics such as offers, framework agreements, status reports, briefing protocols, services, GTCs
  • Cooperation with other partners to bundle industry-related know-how
  • Unique selling propositions for successful acquisition and project work
  • Cloud-based, powerful and self-developed database with large number of candidate profiles, CV parsing, DSGVO security and much more
  • Including full FileMaker license
  • Broad solution and service portfolio for the client: Direct Search/ Executive Search, Outplacement, Active Sourcing, Diagnostics, Assessment, Interim Management and much more.
  • International partner network
  • Administrative support: invoicing, payment transactions, dunning, back office
  • Representative office in the center of Munich.

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Get in touch with us.

Trust in diversity: We don’t rely on just one method. We listen carefully and then suggest the most suitable search methodology.