Ulrike Zimmermann

Ulrike Zimmermann

Ulrike Zimmermann

Personnel consultant, coach and member of the supervisory board

Ulrike Zimmermann is a co-founder of Pape Consulting Group AG. As a shareholder and Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board, she has played a key role in shaping the fortunes of the Group from the very beginning. After graduating as a specialised lawyer and taking a break to raise a child, she worked in various training companies. The idea of founding her own company and venturing into completely new territory excited her right from the start. With great commitment and passion, she and her husband founded the personnel consultancy in 1992.

“The pull of our vision was so powerful and for the first time in my life I felt the so-called “flow”, is how Ulrike Zimmermann still describes those early days today.”

In her more than 8 years as a personnel consultant and managing director, she has gained in-depth experience in the IT, microelectronics, automotive, telecoms, design, finance and HR sectors. She is also familiar with all aspects of executive search, project management, leadership, organisation and personnel.

She is the mother of two grown-up sons and as an entrepreneur it has always been particularly important for her to combine family and career and not to lose sight of her own balance.

Good knowledge of human nature, her joy and skill in dealing with people are her guiding principles and so her focus since 2000 has been on career counselling and coaching executives, managers and accompanying people in change processes. In this context, she has been supporting people for over 6 years in major outplacement projects and in all aspects of personal career development.

The secret of her success is:

Let people find out what they really want, where their joy and purpose lie and how they can live their true potential. Everyone has the chance to find and follow their own individual path. She sees herself as a process facilitator and her working style is characterised by clarity, empathy and trust in a person’s potential.

Continuous further training is very important to her and enables her to benefit from a large toolbox.

She has a psychotherapeutic education complemented by several years of professional training and further education as a qualified mental trainer and business coach.

She particularly benefits from techniques from modern brain research, such as EMDR and Brainspot mental training, selfness coaching and tried and tested coaching tools.

Ihr Erfolgsgeheimnis ist - Pape Consulting Group AG
Ihre Dienstleistungen - Pape Consulting Group AG

In her free time, she enjoys hiking with her dog through unspoilt nature, jogging and meditation and yoga are just as much a part of her everyday life as good food and socialising with friends.

Her services:

  • Coaching
  • outplacement
  • career counselling
  • supervision
  • training

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